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The Old School is a 5 star pre-school located between the Orange/Chatham county line and Pittsboro. We welcome two and a half, three, four and five-year old children. Our rural Chatham county setting is only minutes away from Chapel Hill/Carrboro and offers a unique opportunity for children to learn from the natural world as part of their daily experience. The indoor environment is equally suited for best practice learning opportunities, with plenty of space and sunlight and the highest quality materials from around the world. The school furthers the outdoor learning opportunities with a garden, creek, nature trail and a small family of horses and chickens. Current research underscores how caring for animals teaches children empathy, responsibility and self confidence. Daily visits with our furry and feathered friends is a ritual the children clearly love and have come to expect as part of their time at Old School.

Even with such a unique setting, without qualified and caring staff, this would only be a beautiful shell. The Old School teachers have a collective of almost a hundred years of teaching young children. We embrace a teaching style that is consistent with all best practice models of interactions and care. The daily schedule allows for the importance of routine with enough "wiggle room" to feel relaxed and unregimented. 


The Old School brings a family the confidence and comfort of knowing not only that their child is well cared for but that they are also receiving the highest quality preparation for kindergarten and beyond.

Our Philosophy

The Old School at Fancy Gap exemplifies the belief that in the busy-ness of modern life, some things are lost. The simple routine of playing with friends, listening to stories, building castles, taking walks, splashing in a creek, even taking a rest, are all parts of an orchestra that plays an individual symphony for each child. Given a chance to slow down and take it all in, children can develop holistically while they achieve the necessary readiness skills that lay ahead in kindergarten, and in life.

A day at The Old School will include cultural, ethical, physical, intellectual and social opportunities. The children will be assisted with the complex navigation involved in making and keeping friends, respecting life, others and themselves. The children will be provided a structure that will be solid yet safe, providing life lessons as well as scholastic enrichment. Acknowledgement of the different avenues of individual learning will be encouraged whenever and wherever possible, and the staff shall remain dedicated to each and every individual regardless of their situations or differences.

What Makes us Special?

At The Old School, we're proud to offer a program that sets us apart from other preschools. Learn about experiential learning with our naturist curriculum, teaching compassion and responsibility through daily interactions with farm animals, and the benefits of mixed-age grouping.

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