The Role of the Animals

Fostering responsibility through care and compassion.

Why Animals Need Children, and Vice Versa

There is a magical connection that is formed when children interact with animals; the bond goes beyond human comprehension and is built into the DNA of the human race.

When a young child meets a farm animal - horse, goat, chicken - the spark is visible in the child's eyes.

At Old School, we strive to integrate our small barnyard friends with our children on a daily basis. When we feed in the mornings, children are encouraged to carry hay, count chickens, throw out feed, and in general project their ability to care for these animals that need our assistance - and hence foster responsibility. Not every child will react the same way, but most young people seem to truly enjoy these interactions. Occasionally, each “farm helper” is rewarded with an egg to take home, generally regarded as if it was made out of delicate crystal with the specialness of it. Caring for the animals helps to instill and encourage the interdependence of all creatures great and small. 

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